Friday, October 8, 2010

uLearn10 - Breakout 3 - Nick Rate – ePortfolios discussion group

A portfolio is... what is produced when persons collect, select, reflectively interpret and/or present their own evidence to support their assertions about what they have learned, know and can or should do.

About pedagogy NOT technology.
Include goals and reflections.
Integral to process of learning. Not additional to class programme.
Purpose is development of independent learners.
So important to identify and establish the purpose.
3+ year process – moving towards embedded practice.
Ownership? – belongs to child.
Important to consider platform you are going to use.
Are your parents and teachers ready?

Teachers MUST have pedagogy embedded first – must be practicing goal setting and reflection “traditionally” in classroom. Must be able to see purpose and benefits.

ePortfolios... should contain reflection/self assessment and goals (next steps in learning)... should reflect/demonstrate the learning process and product... need contribution from all the stakeholders (3 way – teacher, pupil, parents)... must fit with school vision and philosophy... require access to fully functioning ICT tools.

Key message: pedagogy must be strongly embedded in school first.

Although I didn't attend Nick's pre-conference on eportfolios, the presentation contains the same messages in more detail. Some very powerful food for thought in here...

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