Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From thrown in the deep end to finding my feet...

Well what a roller coaster of a year it has been! From starting the year as Team Leader of Year 1 and as a key member of the National Standards Implementation Team, things soon changed as the leaders of ICT moved onto to other journeys and I stepped in as co-leader of ICT. While I had a good practical and pedagogical knowledge base, there were so many other aspects of this role that I had never even had to consider. I have become proficient at fixing computers that just won't work, troubleshooting SmartBoard and ActivBoard issues, writing milestone reports/action plans/strategic plans and listening sympathetically to peoples ICT problems but my class has suffered as the immense workload has taken over and they have not coped very well with a variety of relievers and a tired, sometimes grumpy teacher!

Highlights - being able to inspire others in eLearning pedagogy; attending uLearn10; AHA moments; clever New Entrant/Year 1's making picturetrails, Toondoo cartoons, Kid Pix pictures, photostories, blog posts, flipcharts on the ActivBoard and many other amazing things (true digital natives); finding out how much I have learned and how quickly I can pick up new skills; having an ActivBoard in my classroom

Low points - lack of sleep; weekends spent writing milestone report; frustration (on so many levels!); not knowing what level of involvement I will have in ICT leadership next year; lack of computer access for students; constant pressure; my class did not cope well with me being out of the classroom randomly (one week they had 4 different teachers!!)