Thursday, October 7, 2010

uLearn10 - Keynote 2 - Steve Wheeler – Transformation and inspiration through social media: meeting the needs of the 21st Century Learner

"Education needs transformation. Why? Because a lot of what currently goes on in schools has been designed to meet the needs of an industrial society that no longer exists. Today’s society is a rapidly changing, demanding and technology rich world in which employees are expected to adapt quickly, work creatively and think critically.

In this presentation I will argue that teachers have the almost impossible task of trying to prepare students for a world of work they cannot clearly describe. When students leave school, the world they enter will be dramatically different to that of today. So how do teachers prepare learners for a world that doesn’t yet exist, in which knowledge and skills can be quickly outdated? The answer is to transform the educational experience so that students learn how to learn." Steve Wheeler

Transformation - school is where transformation will happen before anywhere else.

“For the first time we are preparing students for a future we cannot clearly describe”. David Warlick

Change – there will be casualties – teachers should be leading change not reacting to it.

Disruptive technologies change the way you interact with the world e.g. cellphones, 97% of students now use text messages as their main form of communication.

Teachable moments – we should look for these, should use the right tools at the right times in the right contexts.

Teachers have an incredible amount of power to make things good or bad.

Digital Natives? What does this generation of learners want?
- access anytime
- access anyplace
- personalisation
- intuitive devices

What does this generation of learners need?
- digital literacies e.g. skills to check the accuracy of digital info
- to be engaged through fun
- personalised learning
- filtering of web tools – right tool for the job i.e. digital wisdom
- e-safety – to be taught how to avoid internet dangers

Key message: We need to transform the way we teach to meet the NEEDS of the digital generation.

Blog post by Suzie Vesper on Steve's keynote

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