Friday, October 8, 2010

uLearn10 - Breakout 5A - helping to present - eek!

Helping a colleague present her action research via Skype from Scotland - hope it all goes well!! Notes to follow...

Workshop Abstract: Digikidz: Children as experts - gaining eLearning skills and self confidence, inspiring and supporting the same in others.

I believe in igniting interest, scaffolding and helping children gain skills for learning to learn. In the last 6 months I have been fortunate to pursue action research. My inquiry focused on Digikidz: children who are willing to and capable of supporting their peers and teachers. I targeted core programs and technologies to encourage the children to become confident to share their learning with others. Throughout the process I gathered evidence of the impact of the Digikidz in a variety of ways. This initiative could be adapted to suit individual classrooms, year levels or as a whole school approach.

Despite a few technical difficulties (even though we had a perfect high speed Skype line) this workshop went really well. A bit pushed for time in the end but a quick glance at the feedback sheets showed lots of enthusiasm for the concept of Digikidz and an appreciation of Victoria’s passion for the purposeful use of ICT. Big ups to the awesome technical support we received from Dave and his cool, calm and practical advice and support in the face of adversity!

You can check out Victoria's wiki about her action research here.

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