Tuesday, October 9, 2012

gafe summit 2012

Session 1 - Teacher Dashboard - Manage your room with Google Apps http://hapara.com/
Definitely need this to try using Google Apps with Year 5/6 students...  see all your students docs, presentations, forms, sites and email at a glance....

Session 2 - Year 5 Point England - Where classrooms are run on Google Apps (and a few other things) 

using google for 4-5 years
Room 13 Pt England School - http://pesking.blogspot.co.nz/
everything is done in google environment
solid base of expectations - pedagogy - learn, create, share - via blog, google site, TV channel
sharing is the motivator
values based culture - knowledge of how to behave - term 1 of every year teach behaviour “the point england way”, based around positive statements
content knowledge - upskilling teachers - teachers have to know “stuff” - PD 
pedagogical knowledge - buy in to school pedagogy
evaluative capacity - formative and summative assessment to guide teaching
blended learning - paper and pencils shared (didn’t buy stationery at the start of the year), do science experiments, read books etc.
creating - podcasting, blogs, in school TV station, animation (skills learned from year 1)
families pay $3.50 a week for netbook, families also receive PD in netbooks
netbook belongs to family - community wireless being built, every house within Manaiakalani cluster will be able to access in afternoons, linked to device that family owns
6-8 imacs plus ipads in year 1-4 classrooms, year 5 up 1:1 netbooks (chromebooks from 2013)
google sites - used for inquiry units
classroom sites - links to docs, presentations, blog posts, rubrics - open to the world!  https://sites.google.com/a/ptengland.school.nz/room-13-2012/home
cybersmart - leaving a positive digital footprint - starts in year 0/1 - making students aware that they are visible, cybersmart curriculum is deliberately taught, outcomes and rubrics etc.  smart footprint, smart surfing, smart relationships, smart media (verifying sources etc.), smart and legal (e.g. not downloading music illegally), smart learners, students need to know how to behave in a digital/cyber environment
learn shortcuts when making animations, no need to teach keyboarding skills in isolation, develop skills through daily use
pay attention to/monitor time spent on devices, looking at screens etc. 
google sites has changed way the teachers teach and the way students interact with their learning intentions etc. - pedagogical shift
blogging is getting kids writing - purpose - audience

Session 3 - Google Apps for Work and Play

more ideas for integrating Google Apps into classroom programmes - docs, sites, presentations, blogger
Challenges - internet connectivity, online safety
Pedagogy - collaboration is everything

Session 4 - Using YouTube - Jim Sill
very funny guy :o)
create - collaborate - publish
"Is my stuff good enough to publish on youtube?"  Becomes intrinsic when they start publishing work on youtube... Start working to a higher standard...
Hidden narrative - what happens when camera stops recording?
Cool channels to search for:
CGP Grey
Crash course world history
Minute physics
make playlists
Uploading - locked down, link or open to public
YouTube offers unlimited storage for video
Bottom right turn safety on to get rid of comments
Chrome browser - turn out the lights or youtube options for google chrome extension (removes everything, replay button only!)
Youtube.com/schools - filter code - automatically loads youtube for education site, can't override, then create a playlist available to kids

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