Monday, October 8, 2012

gafe summit 2012 Keynote - Suan Yeo

how we learned is not how our students learn

technology is not new if you are born into it

we need to prepare our students for a world we can’t see...

we are starting to see the web as a learning platform - go to the web to learn, find info...
education is taking advantage of new learning models

learning should be open, free and easily accessible - is what you’re putting in place encouraging students to learn outside the classroom?

learning analytics is the next BIG thing

the value of great teachers

evaluating your use of technology in the classroom - is it facilitating learning inside and outside  the classroom?  collaboration in education

technology is just a tool....

become a 21st Century Teacher: Teach with technology not teach technology

build your personal learning (social) network

teach how to use not BAN - digital citizenship

managing technology - innovation

innovation to make things better

tools you can use anywhere and on anything -

browser = desktop of the future, regardless of device

CTRL F - find box - shortcuts

youtube - can set up own educators channel

project glass -

“learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it”

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