Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moving right along...

Been a while since I blogged (obviously)!  Lots of changes have lead to a drop off in the implementation and integration of ICT learning at SPS and there's just me trying to lead the way back on track.  Add to that mix - implementation of learning journals with emergent learners, limited release, students working below expectation,  extra jobs and non-functioning internet and student laptops etc.  But enough excuses.... on to the good stuff....

Spent a day at BDS reconnecting with the Eastnet cluster girls and visiting classrooms to see how far they have come on their learning journey.  Got some fabulous new ideas to try in my classroom...

Writing in a year 2 classroom - some children writing in books (as you would expect to see in any classroom), some children working in pairs on student laptops using a powerpoint (downloaded from communication4all) with images of creatures under the sea beginning work on a story (they drag images in, type text to match etc.), some children working on designing a storyboard in preparation for making a simple animation using digital photos, some children buddy writing in large newsprint books.  The teacher commented that last term when the children just wrote in their books they were very unmotivated and didn't really have an understanding of writing for an audience.  I love these fresh ideas and I will definitely be making similar changes in my classroom programme to reinspire my Year 1's.  So excited again!

ipad2 - I want one!  Enough said... educational apps are awesome!

Comiclife2 - I am going to investigate purchasing this for use on my personal teacher laptop (single licence), drag digital photos in, add text, speech bubbles etc.  Love how the photos are automatically adjusted to fit in the shapes on the comic template.

www.picnik.com - photo editing tool

www.literactive.com - literacy activities

web2.0 tools wiki

Term 2 goals:
get class blog going again with regular posts
balance between consuming content and creating content
get publishing cycle established using Kidpix to draw picture
web2.0 tools - glogster,  wordle, wallwisher (as a wonderwall for inquiry?)
make changes to writing programme to encourage writing for an audience with authentic purpose

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